Chartering & Brokering

Chartering & Brokering

At Ship One we understand that to service international clientele, commercial knowledge is of utmost importance. We understand that Chartering and Broking are vital elements in the ship’s agency business.

We have managed to develop a complete line of efficient and reliable partners that include exclusive and non-exclusive brokers.

With our combined expertise, we complement the inherent strength of the business we are in. Be it marketing reports for the region, post fixture handling or a voyage analysis… all of it is handled with extreme efficiency, ensuring all time deadlines are kept intact.

Guarding closely our reputation has also allowed us to maintain and build relationships with trading houses for effective long term contract handling or COAs. Adeptly handling charterers and owners for settlement of disbursements and account statements, is a quality you are assured of, when you deal with Ship One.

Our wide network of offices and global associates helps facilitate quick dispatch of vessels at Ports around the globe.


• Trusted & reliable partner
• Professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team
• Complementing our inherent strength in the agency business
• Ability to generate cargoes & provide leads to principals
• Good relations with trading houses for long term contracts or COAs
• Excellent relationship with local & international ship owners, operators & charterers
• Exclusive and non-exclusive brokers
• On panel of major charterers & trading houses

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