Overseas Removals

Overseas Removals

Moving House can be a headache let alone moving from one country to a new home in a new country. Unknown place, unknown culture, possibly no friendly face you can refer to, all can be a terrible nightmare which require a serious plan.

At Ship One we make life simple.

We will assist you all the way from moving to Malta, unpacking, cleaning debris, and any other handyman service you would need. Not only that! If years later you will opt to move to another country, through our vast global network we will assist you with planning, and adapting to the your new destination, with packing, shipping, customs clearance ,door delivery, and again unpacking.

Language will never be a barrier since we do value communicating, for this reason we employ staff with the ability to communicate in various languages. This with expatriates in mind who might find themselves in a strange country where language might be the barrier.

We will guide to
• Packing & Logistics (sea, land or airfreight we will guide to the most feasible)
• Travelling with children and pets
• Local customs
• Free moving Tips

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